Testimonials & Letters

Amanita photo by Bruce
Amanita photo by Bruce

Here are just a few of the wonderful letters we've received from people around the world. We appreciate all the support and thank everyone who help spread the word about our mission to bring Soma Consciousness to the Earth by keeping Soma pure and people safe, with their souls in a state of joy through Soma.

Begin Quote Can you tell the shamans I love them for sharing their secret knowledge with me?
— J.G.
Begin Quote Greetings Soma Shamans,

I have read your book and I find it really entertaining in the adventure/fun chapters and very helpful in "how to" sections.
— M.F.
Begin Quote Hello dear Hawk and Venus,

Hope, you'll remember me. Two years ago I had amazing ceremonies with you.

It was the greatest experience in my life and I'm very grateful to you for that shamanic experience.
— B., California.
Begin Quote Just wanbted to say, I received your DVD(I have watched it), I must say, I see you are true to yourself...:) Both of you...I am reading the book and absoloutely love it.
— C.B., Canada.
Begin Quote Just watched your documentary and I wanted to thank you for putting together such a beautiful documentary.
— S., California.
Begin Quote Just witnessed your film & highly appreciate your the effort. Since, there is a lot of irrelevant info online & almost misguiding @ times.
— V.L., India.
Begin Quote This Shaman brings peace and tranquility into our world. You are truly first a great warrior and sorcerer Hawk! Thank you!
— S., via YouTube.
Begin Quote Thank you for the important pioneering work that you are doing.
— B.M., California.
Begin Quote We have recived and enjoyed your movie and your book.

Thank you so much for sharing your life and your insights! It is so moving for us to feel the intensity and love in the journey you have done and are still doing.
— G. & C., Sweden.
Begin Quote I purchased your Sacred Soma Shamans at the Fungus Fair recently and found it intriuing and illuminating... Your memoirs ,recipes and injunctions seem persuasive reports of an authentic Soma revival.
— R.K., San Francisco.
Begin Quote Hello from the UK. I've just discovered your website as a result of investigating the possible liver damage caused by Amanita muscaria. Obviously you'reall still healthy & are actually walking the walk, unlike so many academic approaches to the whole subject.
— F.B., UK.
Begin Quote After my first trip with Amanita Muscaria i must say, this man is no Joke. Alot of what i experienced spiritually, he mentioned and it makes a lot of sense. :) powerful stuf. i can't wait till my next trip to heaven. =^_^=
— M.H,., via YouTube.
Begin Quote After having read Sacred Soma Shamans and watched Secrets of Soma d.v.d., I had to order your other book - Soma Elixir. But Also, I just felt the need...obligation to say thankyou. Thankyou for this amazing gift, the sharing of your knowledge, your time and your love. I was starting to lose hope after lots of searching for a sacrament0based Shamanic Journey group within Canada and the States....that's until I found Hawk, the Soma Shaman "Viking" on youtube. I I feel very lucky to be in posession of "kick-ass" shamani honesty mastery and wisdom. Hearing and watching Venus say "People need to know this" , your heart-based intent to share a profound truth has been fully received and appreciated.
— P.P., BC.
Begin Quote Greetings!

This will be my first "reel" soma hunting season after seeing you guys and being properly introduced. Now I feel I am welcome to harvest and make my own nectar of heaven. Practise and experience is what I shall acquire but now at least I know the way;) Thanks Red Angels!

Good hunting and all the best to you.

Hail Soma!
— J.A., Canada.
Begin Quote Hi Soma Hawk and Venus,

I read your book "Soma Shamans" in 2004. I agree with one of the reviewers on your site that says Soma Shamans is as important as Wasson's "Soma." More so, in my opinion, because you've re-birthed Vedic Shamanism within the Age of Kali.

Hail Soma!
— RRT, New York, USA.
Begin Quote Dear Soma Shamans,

I bought your book awhile back and I found it to be exactly what I needed plus a whole lot more. I really appreciate Hawk telling about his radical experiments as well as Venus giving her cautious advice, it perfectly covers what people need to know. You guys did a great service with your work.
— P.H., Ohio, USA.
Begin Quote I have really appreciated the movie and the book. I read through over the weekend and enjoyed it very much. I am impressed with how well written it is and how beautiful the artwork and photos are. Thanks so much for putting the book and the information out to the world.
— Love! A.A. New England
Begin Quote Hello and Greetings to you!

Soma 101 arrived in good shape. I have almost read through your book an must say it is very well written, poetic and leaves me with even more respect for Soma. Thank you again for the good advice.
— T. B. Norway
Begin Quote I finished Sacred Soma Shamans today. I found the book an easy read. That is it went quickly and it was very enjoyable . The book was laid out in a very logical progression and the information will be very useful. Hawk, I will take all your admonitions seriously.
— B. K. Oklahoma USA
Begin Quote Angels,

Got your book this morning. After a brief review, all I can say is GREAT!

— M.M., Burbank, California, USA.
Begin Quote Note from Red Angels: We felt this letter was of particular importance and wanted to highlight it to share how others have benefitted from Soma.

Hello Redangels

I just wanted to write a note of encouragement to you for your ministry. I was suffering from depression, neurosis, migraine, cluster headache, etc. for several years when I began taking things into my own hands. I was at the bottom, could no longer work or even think. Confusion marked every dim dark depressed day of my existence.

The drugs the doctors were giving me were only making things worse. So, I began seeking my own recovery through medicinal plant therapy. I didn't want to go to jail so I had to keep it legal. I experimented with Ayahuasca, DMT snuff , many herbal supplements in hopes of finding an answer. Many had positive effects, but none fixed the problems permanently.

With the encouragement of your books and tapes I experimented with Amanita. I don't think I would have had the confidence to do so without your help.

My work requires fairly intense concentration and focus, but my condition was stripping me of my ability to do it. Toward the end, I was lollygagging through the week, unable to accomplish anything. Then, one Friday night when a deadline was looming I knew what I had to do -- injest the magic (Amanita) and work a marathon shift to make up for lost time.

The story doesn't end there. It's due to the discovery that Amanita produced the brain chemistry I needed to recover that fortified me against all of the medical profession and even the best wishes of friends and family--to seek an alternative cure to my crisis.

The doctors had been treating my disease as a seretonon deficiency, when all along it was a dopamaine deficency. Apparently my self medication with Amanita was treating the dopamaine deficiency in a way that would at least temporarily relieve my symptoms.

Had it not been for your encouragement, I would not have had the strength to forge forward to find the missing link to my condition. I will continue to seek out the life-giving properties of this wonderful fungus. It has opened my eyes.

Thank you very much,

— M., USA.
Begin Quote Hi there and thanx for the quick delivery of your book and dvd. I have been reading the book with great interest, Soma grows everywhere in the forrest around here, and I did some experiment last fall. But now with your knowledge at hand, this autumn for sure is going to be a magical one.

Thank you!
— R., Netherlands.
Begin Quote I bought your book about a year ago and have re-read it several times.You guys are my heroes, I want to end up living life the way you do,
— C.B., UK.
Amanita photo by Sean
Amanita photo by Sean
Begin Quote dear venus

i just looked at "secrets of soma" dvd. i am smiling from ear to ear. you guys are fantastic & i can't wait to meet you. "the fluid mind of god." "drink the light."


"no fear, no pain, no anxiety."

i so need all that!
— A.K., New York, USA.
Begin Quote We rec'd our DVD and Soma Shaman's book yesterday, thank you very much.

We settled down after a small dinner to watch the DVD and had a great time. It was fun to watch all in a friendly beautiful environment. The mood is entrancing. Excellent way to receive Soma Lessons. :+)
— D. & L., New England, USA.
Begin Quote Hi Hawk,

Thank you for your guidance on gathering and preparation. Each day brings us the joy of more discovery and knowledge and a deeper connection with Amanita.
— D. & L., New England, USA.
Begin Quote Dear Hawk and Venus,

Hail Soma Shamans! Hail mighty Soma.

I have bought your DVD by the way - a really great effort and a really commendable service to the world of plant teachers.
— C., United Kingdom.
Begin Quote Hello Red Angels

I was searching Esoteric and Spiritual concepts in cyberspace when I was Blessed to find the Freedom of Creation which is your site. I Enjoyed its Vitality of Spirit. Your Pasture of the Self is a Tranquil and Positive Environment. A Thread of Individuality in the Tapestry of the World wide web. Nicely done.

May the Seeds of Inspiration Grow into a Garden of Vitality and Well Being.
— M.T., Canada.
Begin Quote I trully enjoyed reading your book, every page of it was well written as if the oneness of consiousness we call "God" hath written it thy self.

I will highly recomend it to others. You will be rewarded for your honesty, integrity and keeping alive the spirit of haoma, also known to indo-aryans as soma.

Hail Haoma.
— A.K., Nevada, USA.
Begin Quote Greetings from Ireland. I'm on a quest for cosmic self exploration, and feel i am at a level to learn through Soma .

You're approach to soma instantly stood out to me as something very wise and sacred, which i also belive. I am interested in visiting you, and having a guided journey with soma, in the wilderness. Money is not a problem as i see this as soul enriching rather than an exquisite commercial venture.

Thankyou, Peace be with you
— A., Ireland.
Begin Quote Hello Hawk and Venus,

I spent $200.00 on internet mushrooms purchased from Iamshaman and all I felt was irritated, sweaty and ripped off. I spent $65.00 on Soma 101 and now I have the confidence to gather my own Amanita muscaria and the payoff will last a lifetime!
— J.T., California, USA.
Begin Quote Dear Hawk and Venus and sons

I wanted to let you know how much I loved your movie and book. It was the most informative and beautiful film to watch on two subjects I'm fond of, shamanism and Amanitas. I couldn't let go of the book, I believe I read it in three days. The intrigue was well laid out, chapters well ordered. I now believe to have the fullest understanding on preparations and storing Amanitas.
— M.M., Canada.
Begin Quote Hawk and Venus

I received the package yesterday and am enjoying the information thoroughly, it is a very good book and very informative. I decided I want my first experience with this treasure to be around and in the presence of genuine and caring people. I'm beyond excited about getting a chance to visit for a session.
— B.T., VA., USA.
Begin Quote Dear Hawk and Venus,

Thank you for taking the time and energy to share your experience and knowledge of the Sweet Red Angel. Your website has generously appeared for me a few weeks after starting a search for a Plant Helper that would allow me to deepen my Meditation and further Vows Taken to Help All Beings.

For this I thank you and have ordered your book on line to receive your teaching and Grow Close to this Angel.
— D.K., New England, USA.
Begin Quote Hawk and Venus,

I just wanted to say hello, and thank you for the wonderful book you wrote.

Hawk, while enjoying the sublime blessing of Soma, I happened to take a look at the pictures of you in the book -- and it was a bit strange but I could see the spirit of Soma in your eyes. You are a Priest, indeed, a Shaman. A great spiritual Teacher.

Venus, I appreciate your perspective, the book does a great job of conveying your strength of character, and the great love you feel for Hawk and your children, and your dedication to Soma.

Best wishes. Before I read your book it had been 20 years since I took the sacrament of Soma, but I'm glad I finally read the book, took the sacrament, and learned that the word, is, literally "God", and that "Soma is the Spirit of God."

Thank you,
— B.T., California, USA.
Begin Quote I am glad you folks are simply there, it's nice to know I'm not the only one who takes the Soma seriously.
— R.W., USA.
Amanita picture by Eric
Amanita picture by Eric
Begin Quote Just a brief note to thank you for your book and immense respect for the path you all have chosen.!

I read this book in 2 sittings and paid attention,this experience you portrayed and the hard won secrets you have shared are treasures and gifts of love.

Yes !Soma knowledge is a gift to share for those who understand its relevance and importance, to our soul and spirit evolution.

I have an immense number of books. I am reading with fascination, yours is heads up the nuts and bolts practical no BS presentation.

I trust the movie will be in my hands this week and I look forward to it.

Blessings of peace, prosperity and harmony in all that you do! And thank you!
— T.B. Maine, USA.
Begin Quote Good job,you got the save your butt have a positive experience with Soma message out there loud and clear.

It was good seeing the manifestation of your yin and yangness in the film.

Thanks for what you have given,I can advance my skills and experience with a better chance of communing with soma on a spiritual level.

Thank you for your loving service and teaching to the struggling seekers like myself.

Thank you so much !


Bright blessings of joy,prosperity and Harmony in all that you do!
— T.B., Maine, USA.
Begin Quote Dear Hawk and Venus.

Thanks for a wonderful book.

— T.B.H., Denmark.
Amanita picture by Paul
Amanita picture by Paul
Begin Quote Hello Sir,

I just wanted to let you know you just made my day!

For the last many many years I've been trying to locate an expert with this Sacred Mushroom and by chance I saw a clip of your video on youtube. And I must say I was really really happy. I was a friend of the late Dr. Andrija Puharich who wrote the book the Sacred Mushroom and was told about Amanita a long time ago. Of coarse I've been mis-informed as well as warned about it.

I've searched long and hard to try and find a true master of the experience as well as someone with spiritual intent as well as wisdom. And I think your the man!

I'm very glad to discover as well your information on James Arthur as well. A person I knew who happened to have the same mental disorder as Mr. Arthur referred me to him and I never actually got to meet him. In fact I was invited many times to visit him..weeks before his death actually. I know there must be a spirit looking out for me and I'm glad I didn't walk into that trap. I wasn't sure about his intentions and I'm so glad to have found out the truth thanks to your website. His associate that referred me was a child hunter just like himself and I'm surprised he's not in jail either.

I'm extremely interested in participating in this spiritual event and would love to speak to you about it as well. I'm going to absolutely order your DVD for sure!

I want to thank you for all your sincere education on this subject and I back you up 100% for your future endeavors with this matter. God bless you!

Warm regards,
— J.C.
Begin Quote I would like to thank you for your wonderful book and DVD. I have felt guided to explore this mushroom and was led to your website. I am so happy that I did, because I have had a bag of vendor mushrooms (Latvian) sitting on my bookshelf for many months. Something was keeping me from taking them. Now I know why. Thank you for your insight and knowledge about the sacred use and preparation of Soma.

I have really enjoyed your book and DVD. I feel very blessed to have crossed paths with you here in cyberspace. Please keep up the good work!

— V.R., East Coast, USA.
Begin Quote I'm sick of the poorly dried and high priced amanitas being sold online today. I am an earnest explorer, and I hate what's going on now. I got sick off of iamshamans.
— W., South Africa.
Begin Quote Hello Hawk

I have seen your video and am now in the middle of reading your interesting book, which is a mine of honest information. Your book is heaven sent and worth many times its selling price. About two or three months ago I bought some amanita by mail order from a supplier in USA. It had no potency at all and had no effect. I may have been conned or I prepared it wrongly and reading in your book it is likely I done it wrong. I dried it over a baxi heater and then pummelled it into a powder then simmered it for 45 minutes in water.
— B.O., England.
Begin Quote Hello,

I came across your website today and was moved by the truths that were revealed as far as the "drug pushing" approach that so many websites are guilty of when it comes to selling Amanita muscaria. I have always been interested in the recreational, and possibly even spiritual, consumption of this mushroom. I agree with what was said about the dangers of buying this type of mushroom from people on the Internet who claim to be "Shamans" but are nothing more than greedy men.
— B.W., Utah, USA.
Begin Quote "I'm grateful that you have released detailed instructions of the use and benefits of this most elusive and powerful plant Teacher known to man. You and your family have truly lived lives of explorers and have been blessed by the Spirit of Soma. This book deserves a place in the library of anyone that has had an interest in consciousness exploration or have an interest in plant teachers. There is little to no accurate information anywhere on the internet that gives as many first hand accounts of the use of Amanita Muscaria. This book is THE definitive work on the proper use of this sacred Mushroom. Thank you!"
— R., San Antonio, Texas, USA.
Begin Quote "I have a large collection of mushroom books, and not one comes close to the spiritual truth of Amanita as does Soma Shamans."
—J., U.K.

Bad mushrooms from vendors bring on bad trips like this!

Begin Quote My friend ate a half an ounce and thought he died and was reversing through his life and he walked backwards outside and got into his car and proceeding to smash into some guys car then when the cops came he deliberately drove straight imto the cop car and was maced and arrested and was out of his guord for the next 24 hrs.
Begin Quote My daughter recently injested Amanita and had a very bad trip. She says she OD. Its been over a week and she's having extreme panic attacks. This girl who has always had a light around her, a natural healer, a positive inspiration to us all has been turned into a paranoid fearful, wreck. She's been crying for three days, afraid a demon has entered her soul and that her thoughts are hurting people. She's in and out of extreme paranoia and unable to stop the negative thoughts from tormenting her relentlessly. I'm extremely worried. Will she ever return to the normal happy grounded girl she was before she took the mushroom?
— Anonymous Mom
Begin Quote Dear Venus and Hawk

I appreciate that you took the time to help us. Thank you from our hearts. I followed your advice and we both had a restful night sleep. Your remedy helps worried mom's too! A sense of balance has returned and she is feeling much better this morning. I'm glad that I found you.

Blessings to you,
— Anonymous Mom