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In Soma Elixir of God (formerly titled "Elixir of Heaven"), we show how ceremonially prepared Amanita increases energy, kills physical and psychological pain, lifts mood, and brings rapture and bliss as is extolled about ceremonial Soma in the Vedas. It can also increase physical strength, endurance, reflexes, and speed and blesses your life while motivating you to accomplish goals and achieve dreams.

Soma Elixir of God identifies and proves once and for all why Amanita is the ancient Fungi God, Soma. As shaman-scholars with over a third of a century of hands on experience with Amanita and over two decades of Vedic study, we're the only scholars ever to decode the secrets of the Vedas and make this definitive historical identification.

Praise for Soma Elixir of God

Begin Quote Through their many years of experience they show how they have learned to translate and interpret the connection between this family of mushrooms and the Sama/Rig Veda... [contains] many drawings, black and white pictures, and also very colorful pictures. I can recommend both for entertainment purposes as well as enlightening yourself into Sacred Shaman practices of using Amanita mushrooms, (Soma) as sacrament in ceremonies.
— Curt Haney, VP for the Mycological Society of San Francisco.

Vedas Decoded! Ancient Mysteries Solved!

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As Shamans, mystics & scholars, through our work all secrets of the ancient Fungi God are made known. Read for yourself what the Holy Fungi can do for your life.

Amanita-Soma is first and nothing else is as good.

Begin Quote "Thank you very much for making this knowledge available! It has been challenging to find quality information on the sacred mushroom. I look forward to the wisdom I will gain from your knowledge and experience. Sincerely,
— H.L.

Soma Elixir of God eBook

Soma Elixir of God is a 140 page book with 80 pages of color and B&W photos with Vedic and Avestan hymns extolling the virtues and glory of ancient Amanita.

The Soma Elixir of God eBook is compatible with Kindle, iPhone or iPad, Android tablet, and even your personal computer.

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