Secrets of Soma DVD

Secrets of Soma DVD cover
Begin QuoteThe unbelievably descriptive imagery is definitely breathtaking, and many helpful facts and tips on the safe use of Soma mushrooms add to its content.
—Steven Scott, Cannabis Culture Magazine

Thousands of years ago, Sacred Soma, Amanita Muscaria Mushrooms, were used as an energizer, natural painkiller, mood uplifter and spiritual sacrament. Over time, the secrets of this beautiful and sometimes deadly mushroom were lost, and the joys of Soma almost forgotten... until now.

Filmed during our three year magical mushroom picking adventure, Secrets of Soma takes you from lush fern canyons to emerald forests. Secrets of Soma shows how we prepare and safely use Soma, offers practical tips and inspiration to make Soma a pleasant experience.

How the Shamans prepare Amanita mushrooms

The Secrets of Soma DVD shows you...

  • How to pick and prepare Amanita muscaria.
  • How to freeze, dry and make Soma tea.
  • How the shamans determine a proper dosage.
Secrets of Soma DVD cover
Begin Quote Hawk and Venus have done a great job of fitting decades worth of personal knowledge and experience into one documentary to make it available to the world....inspired tips and philosophy...methods for drying and for the preparation of tea...any Amanita aficionados who have not found what they are looking for in the scientific literature or in historical accounts should definitely check this out.
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Secrets of Soma DVD - A canyon filled with ferns

Secrets of Soma DVD Features

This Special Edition DVD features 45 minutes of deleted and extended scenes, enhanced the audio and visuals, and lost footage put together for an all new nature montage. It's peppered Vedic quotes and visionary artwork by Venus throughout. There's even new music from the composer of the Secrets of Soma themesong!

  • Region-Free NTSC DVD
  • We use the finest brand of DVD+R discs available (Verbatim DataLifePlus)
  • Woks with DVD players, PC DVD drives, and even home gaming consoles
Scenes from a Soma ceremony


Here's just one of the nice letters we received about Secrets of Soma:

Begin QuoteI received your wonderful DVD yesterday and I must say what a joy it is to hear from people who actually know what they are talking about from personal experience instead of just repeating what they have heard from who knows where.
— Tim T.

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