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Sacred Soma Shamans tells the story of our fated meeting and journey to Somadise. Through trial and error, risking our very lives, we dared to get to know the spirit of the Amanita Mushroom, and have learned how to determine dosage, potency and how to have a safe time.

Begin Quote Soma Shamans have dedicated their lives to the use of the fly agaric... They have eaten it every day for neigh on 27 years. To their spiritual betterment... they promote the mushroom, teach the correct spiritual preparation required, and warn against the ever present dangers of overdose.
Shroom, A. Letcher's crazy little tome.

Praise for Sacred Soma Shamans

Begin Quote "[Sacred Soma Shamans] & Soma Elixir are two books written by Hawk and Venus, shamanic high priest and priestess of Soma, and with the assistance of their two sons. Hawk and Venus are modern day Soma Sacrificers. They hunt, gather, prepare and sacrifice Amanita Mushrooms for spiritual sacrament, energizer, medicinal, and uplifting tonic, using ancient Shamanic-Priesthood skills. They have dared to get to know the spirit of this mushroom, through extreme experimentation and devoted daily use of Soma for over [33] years.

"Due to the topic and nature of these books, I was at first hesitant to write a review on them for the MSSF, Mycena news. After reading them, I, or should I say, they, changed my mind. I found [Sacred Soma Shamans] very entertaining as well as highly informative on Shamanic Shaman sacramental use of Amanita mushrooms. This book consists of 35 wide ranging chapters, but is easy and quick to read, especially if you already have a basic knowledge of fungi. Whether you’re just interested in someone else’s adventure for entertainment or want some valuable tips on how to collect, prepare and consume Soma, a guide to Soma consciousness is found in this book."
— Curt Haney, VP for the Mycological Society of San Francisco.
Begin Quote "In 1979, a religion dedicated to the mushroom was developed. The religion's founder is an individual named Hawk. Hawk was reportedly inspired by partaking of some Amanita muscaria tea on a "magical San Francisco evening." His experience led [him to hunt] down the mushroom to make the "sacred soma," which would become the Eucharist of the new religion... [his wife Venus] has taken on the role of High Priestess. Hawk's website provides a wealth of information about his religion and the sacred mushroom. It is located at"
— Todd A. Thies, PH.D., Legally Stoned.

Exclusive Content, Over a Third of a Century Experience

In Sacred Soma Shamans, we dispel myths and lies about Amanita mushrooms.

In chapter after chapter, we share the knowledge from over a third of a century of hands-on experience with the legendary Soma.

We took the time to listen to the many questions we've been asked over the years, and have tried to compile not only a handbook, but also a spiritual guide to help prepare those who wish to take the Soma experience to the next level.

  • We share the Shamanic methods of preparation and recipes which we've learned during 33 years of devoted daily use of the mystical sacrament.
  • How to pick, prepare and consume Amanita muscaria mushrooms.
  • Chapters on freezing, drying, and how to make our Nectar of God Soma Power Drink.
  • Learn about Amanita's long-forgotten medicinal uses and painkilling properties.
  • Hear about our three year mushroom expedition.
  • Original illustrations and photos.
  • Enhance psychic abilities and visionary states.
  • Learn about the pills that can save your life in case of an overdose.
  • Soma related quotes from the Rig Veda can be found throughout the book's 333 pages.
  • The history of Soma: From the Soma Priesthood to Viking berserkers and beyond.
  • And for the first time, Hawk reveals the Sacred Laws given to him by the spirit of Soma during a Shaman death trip.

We tell the truth about Amanita.

For ten thousand years, Amanita was revered as a religious sacrament and visionary catalyst. Soma priesthoods knew how to tame the spirit of Soma, and Seers of the ancient world composed hymns of devotion to Soma in the Vedas.

Sacred Soma Shamans - Back Cover
Back Cover

Never before in world history has a book been written by a husband and wife team of Soma sacrificers. As later day Soma sacrificers, we break the silence and unveil the mysteries to present the ancient skills and laws -- revised for our time -- so that the spirit of Soma may grace the earth once more.

Whether you just want to read about someone else's "extreme" adventures of euphoric bliss and life-threatening Shaman death-journeys to the other world, or want to go on your own Soma journey, this is the book for you. Sacred Soma Shamans is entertaining, informative -- the definitive guide to Soma Consciousness.


Here's what people are saying about Sacred Soma Shamans:

Begin Quote "I'm grateful that you have released detailed instructions of the use and benefits of this most elusive and powerful plant Teacher known to man. You and your family have truly lived lives of explorers and have been blessed by the Spirit of Soma. This book deserves a place in the library of anyone that has had an interest in consciousness exploration or have an interest in plant teachers. There is little to no accurate information anywhere on the internet that gives as many first hand accounts of the use of Amanita Muscaria. This book is THE definitive work on the proper use of this sacred Mushroom. Thank you!"
— Ross, San Antonio, TX, USA.
Begin Quote "I have a large collection of mushroom books, and not one comes close to the spiritual truth of Amanita as does Soma Shamans."
— John, UK.
Begin Quote "Dear Soma Shamans, thank you for all the knowledge you have offered of this divine mushroom... I have fallen in love with your book and video."
— G., OH, USA.

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