Shamaness of Soma eBook

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Shamaness eBook cover by Venus
"The journey leading me to become a Visionary Shamaness of Soma began long ago, on a spiritual path starting from childhood."
— Venus

At long last, an all-new eBook from Soma Shamans—the first in eight years!

Shamaness of Soma is a memoir written entirely by Venus. It is the first autobiography from a visionary shamaness and mystic, detailing the spiritual journey leading her to God with Soma, the Amanita mushroom.

In her own words, Venus recalls her early years, from skateboarding in the suburbs with her pet monkey Tango, to discovering her love of nature on a family farm (where she nearly froze to death in a freak storm).

After a spiritual awakening, Venus embarked on a magical journey that would lead her coast-to-coast, crossing first with Soma-Amanita, and then Odinhawk.

Shamaness of Soma is our first book designed from the ground up for easy reading on-screen. It's being released as a PDF file, specially formatted for the iPad, Android tablet and laptop or PC. The PDF's narrow margins and easy-to-read font ensure you'll be able to enjoy the book, even on the go.


  • Full cover front & back covers
  • 70 page PDF designed for easy on-screen reading
  • Six pages of photos (color and black & white)
  • Bookmarked Table of Contents for easy browsing

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