About Us

Begin Quote We are Odin and Venus, modern day Shaman-Soma Sacrificers. Though it is the 21st century, we hunt, gather, prepare and sacrifice Amanita mushrooms, Angels of Light, for our spiritual energizer, medicinal, and uplifting tonic, using ancient Shamanic-Priesthood skills.

Through trial and error, risking our very lives, we learned to determine potency, dosage and timing. We dared to get to know the spirit of the mushroom and have found the way to Somadise.

Red Angels

Since 1979, we have picked, prepared, and consumed thousands of Somas, Amanita muscaria mushrooms, including Amanita phalloides — the Death Cap.

We've published several books, including Sacred Soma Shamans, a guide to Amanita preparation, along with the Secrets of Soma DVD.