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Amanita Muscaria Preparation Secrets

Amanita Bringer of Joy Peace
Amanita mushroom.
Supreme Ambrosia: Juice, honey, peach (or other fruit), bananas, Amanita muscaria
The Amanita mushroom was the sacrament of the mystics of ancient India. The most important purpose for using a Sacrament is to gain the power to reach the spiritual dimension for communication with God and heavenly Spirits.

The original Sacrament, Soma, (Amanita) of the Rig Veda, the worlds' first and preeminent bible, is called the "King of the Plant Kingdom." It was eventually replaced by substitutes known as "False Soma." Even now, Sacraments used in many ceremonies and rituals like sugar drinks, wines, barks, herbs and vines are a token gesture.

It would be like trying to take a trip in a car that runs on gas, but you fill it with water. No matter how hard you try, the vehicle won't have the power to move let alone reach a destination, until you add the right fuel to get there.

Soma Amanita is filled with mystical energies like nothing else on the planet and its the premium deluxe fuel that Mystics and Shamans need for their journey to God and back again.

For, Amanita is the earthly physical form in which God chose to manifest his Holy Spirit to humans. To partake of His Divine flesh fills us with the power of the Creator of this world's Eternal Light.

As Soma Shaman Priests, we can help you safely board the Red Chariot of Soma to lift your spirits with this, the world's foremost energizer, pain killer, anxiety reliever, antidepressant, visionary catalyst, and muse of the creative. Historically, those on the physical plane it has been used as an athletic and fighting tool.

The right mushroom in lower doses can bring you serenity, tranquility, and inner peace.
— Venus Writings

Shaman Is

Shaman has become a generic term used for those previously called sorcerers, medicine men, Curanderos, etc., who use vine, barks, and other plants and mushrooms besides Amanita. In truth, "shaman" comes from Siberia. It is a job title for aescetic masters skilled in using Amanita as a power catalyst to the spiritual realm. Once there the Shaman receives vital guidance from spiritual advisros for daily life survival such as ways to hunt food and game, advance warning of enemy attacks and disasters, and how to heal others. A true Shaman must be able to successfully 1) Prepare potentially poisonous Amanita mushrooms for ingestion. 2) Cross dimensions and return intact with invaluable information about the future. Unless you can do both these things successfully, you'll have to assume another name other than Shaman. Just eating Amanita doesn't make you a Shaman, even if you picked it yourself and had a phenomenal eye-opening experience. Congratulations, you're not a Shaman.

Amanita is the greatest of Earth's experiences.

— Rig Veda - "Soma, King of all Herbs"
The most spiritual time in my life is when I take Amanita. It energizes my mindand intoxicates my spirit.
— Shaman Says

Amanita muscaria, the Divine Mushroom of God

Blessed Soma leads you on a path to a heavenly realm. It opens up the portals between the material and spiritual plane and brings inner peace.
— Shaman Says
'Mini' Amanita mushroom.

Spiritually Purified Amanita muscaria

Ecstasy, euphoria, true vision, enlightenment, joy, healing.

Shamanically Prepared Soma-Amanita muscaria

  1. World's foremost anti-depressant. Eliminates pain and suffering from the mind.
  2. Freedom from past life trauma.
  3. World's foremost physical painkiller.
  4. World's foremost anxiety-reliever.
  5. World's foremost athletic energizer.
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Calling all powerful angels! Amanita Pictures From Around the World

Submitted by Johnny & Tip.
Submitted by Johnny & Tip

Email your Amanita mushroom photos and we'll feature them on our Amanita Picture Gallery.

Secrets of Soma, Amanita Muscaria

Amanita Muscaria Mushroom

Through trial and error, risking our very lives, we learned to determine potency, dosage and timing. We dared to get to know the spirit of the mushroom and have found the way to Somadise, Heaven on Earth.

Our eBooks and documentary teach how to pick and prepare Soma, Amanita muscaria mushrooms for your own responsible use.

Holy Bliss from Heaven

About the Shamans

  • Venus: High Priestess of Soma Consciousness.
  • Odin: Shaman.
As the spiritual essence of the god Soma that was born through the Amanita the life force of God it's like a transfusion of spiritual lifeforce from God.
Soma is your guide to a higher life, for you use it to benefit yourself enlightening spiritual power.

Update: Soma Brings you Joy in Your Life

27 May 2022

Soma Brings you Joy in Your Life

Venus of Soma Powers

7 March 2022

Venus is the first woman in recorded history to take Amanita 9,000 times and survive. Eating from A. muscaria, phalloides, and pantheria. Because of her extraoridinary shamanic skill levels, she survived countless encounters with death by spiritually unifying with Amanita's consciousness.
— Shamans of Soma Consciousness

Soma: the Proper Way to Go

If you think you don't want to go on a bad trip, beware of urophiles. For they are giving you one. These rotten piss-drinking perverts are listed in the Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Mental Disorders as exhibitionists. Recycling Amanita urine into your own mouth is becoming your own port-a-potty. Amanita is best fresh and frozen.

Shaman Sessions Here in California

We teach the basic mechanics of picking and preparation of a personal supply, success depends upon your dedication and compatibility and the power and purity of your spirit. Amanita is a powerful spirit that requires respect. We now highly recommend anyone who is serious about Amanita in their life should first read our book and watch the DVD, then arrange an initiation blessing ceremony. You will receive a personalized ceremony.

FD Shroom Card

Now We're Eating Powerful Phalloides


Amanita phalloides is one of the most powerful consciousness alternators on Earth. It charges your mind with holy spirit in the form of a mushroom.

It completely blocks your ability to feel psychological or physical pain, anxiety, or fear. When your body is critically injured, you mind can't go into shock. Without pain, fear, anxiety, or shock, you have obtained four supernatural powers. Because only in Heaven can the gods feel no pain, fear, anxiety, or shock.

The spirit of phalloides increases your strength by at least 100%. In the Rig Veda, it says it doubles it. It fills you full of energy — in other words, life — which dramatically increases your endurance, and can triple your aggressiveness.

Amanita phalloides is a death for those unfit to use it! Because only a Grand Master Shamaness or Shaman can, though spiritual telepathy and energy union, perform the ceremony necessary to take this mushroom-god without dying. They must spend years in holy asceticism before taking it.

Beware! Phalloides is harmful to you. So don't use it. Taking phalloides requires a master's degree in the shamanic conquest of Amanita-Soma consciousness, and God.


New YouTube Video!

"Venus Says" (external link to YouTube)

Preparing Amanita Muscaria Mushrooms

For spiritual adventurers who wish to learn how to safely pick and prepare Amanita muscaria mushrooms for their own responsible use, and receive positive Amanita muscaria effects, we share over a third of a century of experience in our Sacred Soma Shamans book and Secrets of Soma DVD.

Learn how to dry, store make Soma tea and determine a personal Amanita muscaria dosage for a great Amanita muscaria experience, how to eat Amanita muscaria and discover the pain-killing, uplifting properties, healing energy and spiritual qualities of sacred Soma!

We invite you to browse our website for free info about Amanitas, beautiful Amanita mushroom pictures, and more.

Praise for Red Angels and Soma Shamans

Begin Quote Hello, I'd like to thank you for sharing this on youtube, because it has lead me to the DVD, which has been a great inspiration and educational for my relationship with the Soma mushrooms and my spiritual growth. I find them in great number here in Switzerland! Thank you.
— Anonymous.
Begin Quote This wizard is amazing, he doesn't care about the posinous Amanita, what a badass
— Anki H.
Begin Quote I wish you much joy and thank you again for your great work.
— Ewald. W., PhD.
Begin Quote "[Soma Shamans] can only be referred to as a mycological masterpiece... the most comprehensive and complete book on using the sacred Soma mushroom in the field... may very well be to mycology and culture as great of a discovery as Gordon Wasson's discovery of Psilocybe Mexicana in 1957.
— Steven Scott, Cannabis Culture Magazine.
Begin Quote Just a quick email to thank you guys for your sacred work in bringing forward this sacrament... Thanks a lot guys and Lots of Love You U 2!
— J.
Begin Quote I have been telling a lot of people about your soma sessions that you did. I really feel that soma is my medicine and since a session I have experimented with soma more and more. I got to know the spirit of soma and to me it is unsurpassed from any other medicine. It's an amazing helper.
— P, Santa Cruz.
Begin Quote Your book seems like an excellent guideway to a safe trip. Thanks for your effort to share your experience with the world.
— F.K., Amsterdam, The Netherlands.
Begin Quote I bought your book about a year ago, and have reread it several times. The main reason I have for emailing you is to say how happy I am Hawk is still alive and kicking. When I finished the book for the first time, my stomach churned at the idea Hawk's fasting and austerities may have finished him off. My adrenal gland started firing when I found that pic of him modeling the butterfly Soma. You guys are my heroes. I want to end up living life the way you do. So to find the "guru" I thought might have died still going strong made me very happy. Just thought I'd let you guys know.
— Captain Bimble.
Begin Quote Only Amanita shaman in North America. Peace.
— F.
Begin Quote Kudos on your work on Amanita muscaria in the Americas. Kudos for your work on the preparation of the species. Normally I do not recommend Amanita to others, but i do point those interested its preparation to your pages and books.
— John W. Allen
Begin Quote I have now had the opportunity to read Sacred Soma Shamans and I'm amazed by the scope of their personal experience and rigorous historical research.
— H.M.
Begin Quote Lots of LOVE and appreciation for your great work and gift on your books. In a world where almost everything is rationalized, hearing and feeling about people living a true connection with Nature in general and Soma in particular is a BLESSING... The reading of your "[Sacred Soma Shamans]" book is truly one of the most beautiful I ever have, beautiful in the way you respect Soma, Mother nature and yourself, which of course is the same at some point :-)
— L.M., France.
Begin Quote Hello again. I just wanted to say I loved the Soma Shamans book. It is a rare gem, one of the few books I feel truly privalaged to have read. The ONLY book I know of with the sort of information that I was looking for and so much more.
— Peter G.
Begin Quote "In 1979, a religion dedicated to the mushroom was developed. The religion's founder is an individual named Hawk. Hawk was reportedly inspired by partaking of some Amanita muscaria tea on a "magical San Francisco evening." His experience led [him to hunt] down the mushroom to make the "sacred soma," which would become the Eucharist of the new religion... [his wife Venus] has taken on the role of High Priestess. Hawk's website provides a wealth of information about his religion and the sacred mushroom. It is located at"
— Todd A. Thies, PhD., Legally Stoned.
Begin Quote Hello Hawk and Venus,

My name is S. and your book was lent to me by a friend (the version he had was called "Shamans of Amanita") while I was in the Peruvian jungle for the last 3 months- and I must say that I was sad when I had to return it to its owner. I greatly enjoyed your easy to read and information laden book! Not to mention the intense calling I had to learn from Soma.
— S.
Begin Quote Added: 2011-03-20
The knowledge of the Soma Shamans will change the world. May God bless you.
– Simone from Italy.
Begin Quote Your opinion means a lot to me because you are the only prophet and mystic out of the masses that I believe.
— M.
Begin Quote This is almost certainly the best book on amanita muscaria in existence, at least if you want to learn about how to use the mushroom and what it can do rather than read through hundreds of pages of scholarly research with comparatively little practical information. The authors know what they are talking about from personal experience and in this book they share some of the knowledge they have gained. It is also a fun and entertaining read, filled with the spirit of Soma and divine wisdom.
— Reader Review.
Begin Quote To give you a bit of an idea of why I am interested, I am seeking connection with the Divine. That is all. Simple direct connection. To open my heart and entire being to Grace, Love and Presence of Mother-Father-God-Goddess-Divine-Supreme Absolute Being Consciousness. I would like to surrender myself whole-heartedly, and feel that I need some help to do that. My hope is that Soma Medicine Teacher will help me.
— P.
Begin Quote Added: 2010-12-19
THANK YOU... i appreciate greatly what you are doing for our society; it means a great deal to me.
– J.V.
Begin Quote "[Sacred Soma Shamans] can only be referred to as a mycological masterpiece... the most comprehensive and complete book on using the sacred Soma mushroom in the field... may very well be to mycology and culture as great of a discovery as Gordon Wasson's discovery of Psilocybe Mexicana in 1957.
— Steven Scott, Cannabis Culture Magazine.
Begin Quote From my meditation practice I can say this is soma, and this mushroom is the clean unadulterated god-mind, one mind. It's quite surprising how different it is from psilocybin mushrooms. it is so clean, it seems to be god-mind simple as that. It's such an incomprehensible blessing that such a perfect mushroom exists."
— H.
Begin Quote Amanita muscaria's are wonderful, they open the gates of heaven; magic elixer.
— C.R.
Begin Quote Many blessings & positive energies to Hawk for voicing the true Angelic message of the Supreme Being. Our world could benefit from the truth.
— M.
Begin Quote guru of amanita
— Rahul Kumar.
Begin Quote I loved Soma and I appreciate your giving an antidote to Amanita poisoning if accidentally overtaken.
— Jane.
Begin Quote I found [Sacred Soma Shamans] very entertaining as well as highly informative on Shamanic Shaman sacramental use of Amanita mushrooms. This book consists of 35 wide ranging chapters, but is easy and quick to read, especially if you already have a basic knowledge of fungi. Whether you’re just interested in someone else’s adventure for entertainment or want some valuable tips on how to collect, prepare and consume Soma, a guide to Soma consciousness is found in this book."
– Curt Haney, President for the Mycological Society of San Francisco.
"[Sacred Soma Shamans] & Soma Elixir are two books written by Hawk and Venus, shamanic high priest and priestess of Soma... Hawk and Venus are modern day Soma Sacrificers. They hunt, gather, prepare and sacrifice Amanita Mushrooms for spiritual sacrament, energizer, medicinal, and uplifting tonic, using ancient Shamanic-Priesthood skills. They have dared to get to know the spirit of this mushroom, through extreme experimentation and devoted daily use of Soma for over [33] years.
– Curt Haney, President for the Mycological Society of San Francisco.