Secrets of Soma: Amanita Mushroom Shamanism and Preparation

Quotation Mark "In 1979, a religion dedicated to the mushroom was developed. The religion's founder is an individual named Hawk. Hawk was reportedly inspired by partaking of some Amanita muscaria tea on a "magical San Francisco evening." His experience led [him to hunt] down the mushroom to make the "sacred soma," which would become the Eucharist of the new religion... [his wife Venus] has taken on the role of High Priestess. Hawk's website provides a wealth of information about his religion and the sacred mushroom. It is located at"
— Todd A. Thies, PH.D., Legally Stoned.

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Calling all angels! Amanita Pictures From Around the World

Posted: 2014-09-24

Submitted by John from Norway
Submitted by John from Norway

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Latest Update - Soma Loves Women Too


Since the 1980s, we've enjoyed reading the Vedas for our research and inspiration about ancient Soma. These beautiful hymns composed and verbally passed along by ancient Aryan rsis were written down about three thousand years ago.

The rsis were seers who received heavenly inspiration which led to the composition of their divine hymns. It turns out that there were 27 female rsis (rsikas) who composed hymns in the Rig Veda.

Neither the Bible nor the Koran attribute any hymns to female seers. But, the Vedic Aryans valued the participation of their female seers. They especially honored the shamanic Sacrificer's wife, for she was the “lightning bolt” that drew the power of the Gods to the ceremony. Without her, no Soma sacrifice could be done.

Yes, the husband and wife Soma sacrificers were the shamans of the Vedic time, for they made the mystical mushroom safe for human consumption and opened the door to the spiritual world for others through sacred Soma.

In the Rig Veda the lovely seeress, Apala (whose famous father was sage Atri, the seer of the fifth mandala) was tragically afflicted by leprosy. Unfortunately, she remained childless, her beauty left her and so did her husband.

Knowing Indra loved Soma, she decided to offer one to the golden haired god with a special prayer. Inspired, she chewed a Soma she found by the river which attracted Indra and he drank the flowing Soma right from her mouth.

Impressed by her intensity of devotion, he offered her a boon--yet selfless Apala prayed for her father to receive hair on his head and fertile fields so he could feed his thousands of disciples instead.

Indra answered not only these prayers but he remade her own beauty until her was skin shining like the sun and blessed her with fertility.

Using Soma as a catalyst to the spiritual realm was how the ancients got divine attention for the betterment of their lives. It brings the wisdom to figure things out, the physical strength to endure, and the fire of spirit to love and live long.

I know that blessed Soma is a lifesaver. If I am weakened, Soma gives me strength. If I am hurting, it eases pain. If I feel low it lifts me high above and if I feel empty, it fills my heart with heavenly love. What else does that?

Soma Amanita has always been here to be a friend to man and woman.

Vedic women enjoyed respect, and equal freedom with men in all matters social and religious. There were some great female rsikas who were celebrated for their poetic genius and religious attainments.

With Love, Venus
Your 21st century Soma sacrificer and officiating priestess :)

Welcome to the High of Soma

Red cap This site is dedicated to the shamanic preparation and dosage of Soma -- the Amanita muscaria mushroom. More than a beautiful red mushroom with white spots, Amanita muscaria is Soma, the Path to Paradise and sacrament of Heaven.

— Hawk and Venus

Hawk and Venus are a husband and wife team of Amanita Shamans. Hawk is a Mystic-Priest Master Shaman. Venus is a High Priestess of Soma. Since 1979, they've shamanically picked and consumed the holy Amanita sacrament.

— Somadise of Red Angels

Soma "Best Exhilarator"
–B-9, Rig Veda.
(Start Quote) Your book seems like an excellent guideway to a safe trip. Thanks for your effort to share your experience with the world.
— F.K., Amsterdam, The Netherlands.

Preparing Amanita Muscaria Mushrooms

Amanita Muscaria Mushroom For spiritual adventurers who wish to learn how to safely pick and prepare Amanita muscaria mushrooms for their own responsible use, and receive positive Amanita muscaria effects, we share over a third of a century of experience in our Sacred Soma Shamans book and Secrets of Soma DVD.

Learn how to dry, store make Soma tea and determine a personal Amanita muscaria dosage for a great Amanita muscaria experience, how to eat Amanita muscaria and discover the pain-killing, uplifting high, healing energy and spiritual qualities of sacred Soma!

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Praise for Sacred Soma Shamans

(Start Quote) Just a quick email to thank you guys for your sacred work in bringing forward this sacrament... Thanks a lot guys and Lots of Love You U 2!
— J.
(Start Quote) Only Amanita shaman in North America. Peace.
— F.
(Start Quote) I have now had the opportunity to read Sacred Soma Shamans and I'm amazed by the scope of their personal experience and rigorous historical research.
— H.M.
(Start Quote) I wish you much joy and thank you again for your great work.
— Ewald. W., Ph.D.
(Start Quote) Lots of LOVE and appreciation for your great work and gift on your books. In a world where almost everything is rationalized, hearing and feeling about people living a true connection with Nature in general and Soma in particular is a BLESSING... The reading of your "[Sacred Soma Shamans]" book is truly one of the most beautiful I ever have, beautiful in the way you respect Soma, Mother nature and yourself, which of course is the same at some point :-)
— L.M., France.
(Start Quote) Added: 2013-02-25
I would take the trip again but not to the extent that I did 20 years ago, it took me that long to land back on earth. I suffered visions and social dislocation for many years. I don't know how to prepare so I would like to purchase your book Sacred Soma Shamans and your DVD.
– J.
(Start Quote) Added: 2011-03-20
The knowledge of the Soma Shamans will change the world. May God bless you.
– Simone from Italy.
(Start Quote) Your opinion means a lot to me because you are the only prophet and mystic out of the masses that I believe.
— M.
(Start Quote) To give you a bit of an idea of why I am interested, I am seeking connection with the Divine. That is all. Simple direct connection. To open my heart and entire being to Grace, Love and Presence of Mother-Father-God-Goddess-Divine-Supreme Absolute Being Consciousness. I would like to surrender myself whole-heartedly, and feel that I need some help to do that. My hope is that Soma Medicine Teacher will help me.
— P.
(Start Quote) Added: 2010-12-19
THANK YOU... i appreciate greatly what you are doing for our society; it means a great deal to me.
– J.V.
Sacred Soma Shamans
(Start Quote) "I found [Sacred Soma Shamans] very entertaining as well as highly informative on Shamanic Shaman sacramental use of Amanita mushrooms. This book consists of 35 wide ranging chapters, but is easy and quick to read, especially if you already have a basic knowledge of fungi. Whether you’re just interested in someone else’s adventure for entertainment or want some valuable tips on how to collect, prepare and consume Soma, a guide to Soma consciousness is found in this book."
– Curt Haney, VP for the Mycological Society of San Francisco.
(Start Quote) "[Sacred Soma Shamans] can only be referred to as a mycological masterpiece... the most comprehensive and complete book on using the sacred Soma mushroom in the field... may very well be to mycology and culture as great of a discovery as Gordon Wasson's discovery of Psilocybe Mexicana in 1957.
— Steven Scott, Cannabis Culture Magazine.
(Start Quote) From my meditation practice I can say this is soma, and this mushroom is the clean unadulterated god-mind, one mind. It's quite surprising how different it is from psilocybin mushrooms. it is so clean, it seems to be god-mind simple as that. It's such an incomprehensible blessing that such a perfect mushroom exists."
— H.
(Start Quote) Amanita muscaria's are wonderful, they open the gates of heaven; magic elixer.
— C.R.
(Start Quote) Many blessings & positive energies to Hawk for voicing the true Angelic message of the Supreme Being. Our world could benefit from the truth.
— M.